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Le petit monde de la cryptozoologie et celui de la publication scientifique sont semble-t-il entrés en collision.

D'après le blog de Robert Lindsay : ... er-9-2013/

Bigfoot News September 9, 2013

Dr. Melba Ketchum wanted to sue Nature Magazine for defamation of character. It was never quite proven that Nature Magazine had rejected Ketchum’s paper or even that they had received it. However, I have it from an excellent source, a friend of mine, who worked with Ketchum that indeed it was at Nature for some time and they did in fact reject it. Therefore, Matt Moneymaker’s leak along those lines was correct.

There is even a letter from Nature detailing the changes that they wanted her to make in order to run the piece. My source believed that Nature was scared off by the unknown DNA finding in Ketchum’s paper. They were afraid that that sounded too crazy and they didn’t want to seem like kooks. My source told me that Melba had proof that Nature leaked parts of her paper out into the scientific community (another long standing rumor supposedly unproven) and Melba had no way to defend herself against the attacks coming in from the leaks without jeopardizing publication of the paper which she was not allowed to talk about.

The source felt that Melba is “a bit whacky, but her heart was in the right place, and her science was good.” Melba enlisted an attorney to sue Nature for defamation of character, but the attorney did not want to touch the case for fear of being labeled a kook. The source said that that list of labs that worked with Melba was impressive.

Ketchum Project suffered from estrogen poisoning. The source above also told me that there was constant drama inside the Ketchum Project, with continual catfights, breakups, huggy apologies and reunions, and cliques and alliances forming, collapsing and reforming. He attributed all of this mercurial cyclothymia to the fact that almost everyone on the project was a woman. “There were too many women on the project,” he told me. “They needed a man around to steer the ship.”

Peer review documents between Ketchum and Nature Magazine are now available for download! I have now obtained two peer review documents between Ketchum and Nature. The first is a response to peer review criticisms from Melba listing the criticisms and the changes that were made to deal with them. The second is a threatening letter from Melba accusing Nature of leaking secret peer review documents about her study and therefore harming her reputation. It’s pretty interesting and at times explosive stuff!

Ketchum’s Responses to Peer Referees Criticisms

Ketchum Cover Letter to Board of Nature Magazine

Cryptomundo attire l'attention sur un extrait du second document : ... ed-nature/

Re: Novel North American Hominins, Next Generation Sequencing of Three Whole Genomes and Associated Studies

Dear Executive Board,

I am the corresponding author for the above mentioned manuscript. We (the authors of this manuscript) are extremely unhappy with the ethics of the reviewers chosen by Nature. Please consider this letter as a formal appeal of your process on the previous manuscript, 2011-09-11671 and 2011-09-11671A-Z. We are resubmitting a revised manuscript in an effort to vindicate our reputations and also to give Nature a chance to rectify the scientific bias and the unethical behavior exhibited by the previous reviewers by giving our manuscript a fair chance at publication. Our manuscript and our reputations were tarnished by the reviewers as follows:

1. Release to the public of the first peer review as well as the fact that our manuscript was at Nature. One of the reviewers leaked the original peer review to a “celebrity” that is involved with our subject and it was put on the internet. Since it has not been published in Nature, this “celebrity” is now calling our study a “fake” on Twitter and elsewhere. This is highly damaging to our careers and never should have happened. The link states the source of the information as being one of the reviewers.

It has been stated that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. We have provided more than enough extraordinary proof. We even have high definition video of the donor of sample 37 sleeping in the forest and breathing at 6 breaths per minute (Supplementary Video 1). This sample was part of a field research study overseen by a PhD in wildlife biology so we are certain of the source of this sample and the video attached to it. We have a full facial video of her also that will be released after the paper publishes. I could arrange for the Editorial board to view it if they so desire and perhaps a copyright arrangement could be reached so that one frame could be used for the cover of the journal. The face is stunning.

If there is still any doubt concerning the existence of these hominins, we are also willing to allow a representative from Nature to travel here and see these individuals personally, preferably during a full moon to increase lighting since they are primarily nocturnal. Though there is never 100% guarantee that a sighting will occur, if a few (about 3) days are allowed, we predict that the chances of seeing one of these hominins approach 99%. So far, everyone that we have invited has had an experience, including myself and some of the co-authors. Seeing is believing and that is why we offer this opportunity. We will do whatever is necessary to support our manuscript.

- Dr. Melba S. Ketchum

D'après Cryptomundo toujours, elle a apparemment posté ceci sur sa page Facebook :

I am so upset that the reviews got leaked. That means I was once again betrayed by an insider. On the up side, I feel a huge relief about it. Now I don’t have to sit on this horrible secret anymore. The world now knows how unethically the scientific has behaved. It also knows that we DID pass peer review and with reviews that came from geneticists that work with whole genomes. At least that is what I was told.

Funny thing, the reviewer number one that leaked the reviews and then went on to bash the manuscript publicly on some blogtalk thing states in the second review that he isn’t qualified to review it.

Bottom line, Sasquatch exists. Scientifically proven and passed by peer review by other scientists.

As far as all of the documents that were leaked, they are authentic. I didn’t leak them though. Some submitters as well as others associated with the project had access to this information so I don’t know who did. Those communications are not supposed to be leaked. So if anyone gets sued, it won’t be me. They can subpoena the blogger’s email trail. I actually am happy about the leak though. At least now everything I have said can be authenticated including the ridiculous and biased nature of the reviews. Now people will know the truth and that we did pass peer review.

- Dr. Melba Ketchum

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